Welcome to The Devil’s Repose

For nearly seven years, I wrote a political blog from a libertarian stand point. However, in early 2008, I was hired by a small software company based in Surrey, in England. Since this time, I have become more and more interested in the web, and its development—as such, I have laid down the stale and futile political mantle, in favour of writing about technology.

And so here we are…

A bit about me

I started my career designing posters for the Edinburgh University Theatre Company (traditionally known as Bedlam) and, from the winter of 1996 until the end of 2006, I designed hundreds of posters, flyers, programmes and leaflets. (I also variously lit, directed and produced over forty productions there.)

I had ostensibly been studying Microbiology at the University of Edinburgh but, swiftly realising that this consisted mainly of biochemistry (which I disliked), I dropped out at got a job as a Mac Operator in a small Edinburgh print-shop. Over the next eight years, I moved through a variety of similar jobs—each one having more of an emphasis on design (rather than processing the designs of others)—before moving to London (where, of course, the streets are paved with pure gold) in 2006.

During my last two jobs in Edinburgh, I had learned the art of website building and taught myself HTML and CSS. And so, in London, I set up as a freelancer and worked enough to ensure that I remained comfortable.

But being comfortable is rather dull, and before long I found myself craving company and people from whom to learn. And so, via a variety of coincidences, interviews and impulsive decisions, I ended up working for my current company—which builds and deploys websites and intranets on its own content management system (CMS).

Although hired as a second-string designer, my strong views and inability to keep my mouth shut has resulted in my being deployed through various parts of the business over the last few years: I have been a designer, a project manager, marketing manager, an information architect, product manager, UI/UX designer and creative manager.

About this blog

This blog aims to bring together many of the things that I have learned along the way, and to keep track of trends in current web development; from a coding point of view, I shall be focusing particularly on what is traditionally known as front-end development—and cutting-edge HTML5 and CSS3 techniques.

Many of the posts will simply be links to interesting articles and methods, but I shall also be undertaking longer posts about personal experiments and opinions. At some point, it is likely that others will join me.

I hope that you enjoy this little divertissement, and do feel free to comment and join the discussions…

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