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Some time ago I became a Beta tester of a website wireframing tool called MockingBird; our company has used it as a wireframing tool for some years now, and it has always served us very well.

MockingBird is an HTML5 application that enables collaboration on projects, and is extremely easy to use. This ease of use is partly conferred by the smallish number of widgets within the application.

As websites get more sophisticated, however, this selection of widgets seems a little limiting; personally, I had expected the creators to add more options after the formal launch of the application. They have not done so, and the blog has not been updated since December 2010.

Whilst I am not about to jump ship just yet, it seems natural to look around for other alternatives for our website wireframing needs, and so I followed a link to Moqups—another HTML5 website wireframing application, and apparently free.

I haven’t then experimented with it, but it does seem to have reasonable features—and a somewhat more design-oriented set of widgets.

But why have they adopted the awful kind of hand-drawn typeface for the text? It embodies everything that is awful about Comic Sans without actually being Comic Sans…

One thought on “Website wireframing

  1. We’ve noticed this link in our referrer list 🙂

    Just wanted to let you know that you can now pick from 4 alternative font styles when creating new projects.

    No more Comic Sans as the default font, although many people still like it because it adds the sketchy/sloppy feeling to a wireframe and that helps making conversations easier with less technical users.

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