Subtle patterns

My team have a great habit of sending around things of interest, and so it was one of my colleagues who pointed me towards Meng To’s website.

Whilst the site is, indeed, a thing of beauty (as one would expect from a UI/UX designer), I was most interested to see that, on his blog, Meng was pushing Bohemian Coding‘s Sketch.

Sketch is a brilliant vector-drawing application—a replacement to Illustrator and much of what I use Photoshop for—that I have been moderately evangelical about at work. (This may or may not have something to do with my personal mission to eliminate Adobe’s over-priced, bloated software from my work-flows).

One of Meng’s posts is about how to get started with Sketch, and he links to a number of great resources—including icon sets and, usefully, a new-to-me website called Subtle Patterns.

Subtle Patterns does exactly what it says on the tin: it provides pages and pages of free subtle patterns for use in your designs. I have immediately book-marked it…

I will write more about Sketch at a later date, but I heartily recommend giving a trial.

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